Broadband Internet in Stowmarket

According to the latest figures from BT, There is now Broadband ADSL Connections available in parts of Stowmarket.

If you'd like to double check this, if you fill in your phone number and postcode, in the form below you can get an instant answer straight away.

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What is "Broadband Internet"?

The term "Broadband" is just a piece of jargon. Literally it just means "broad bandwidth" but that doesn't really help.

Bandwidth is the amout of data (i.e. web pages) that you can get per second, typically stated in "kilo-bits per second" (kbs), normal 56K modems operate at up to 56 kilobits per second, where as a cable or ADSL modem will operate at 512 kilobits per second.

Internet browsers state their download speeds (i.e. the speed they get stuff from the internet) in kilobytes per second. A kilobyte is simply 8 kilobits.

If you do the maths, you find out you generally get up to 6 kilobytes per second (KB/s) with a normal modem and around 64 kilobytes per second with broadband modem. You can either look at this as "You can download ten times as much stuff in the same time" or "Stuff downloads ten times faster".

What options for are there for Broadband Internet?

There are two main options for broadband, ADSL which works through the BT network and is resold by many different Internet Providers; and Cable Modems which are offered by the different cable companies, such as NTL in our area

The only thing that sets them appart is availability and pricing, NTL do have cable modems available in all the cabled parts of the town and are the cheaper option.