Mechanical Music Museum and Bygones Trust

The Mechanical Music Museum at Cotton is a veritable Aladdin's Cave, full of musical treasures. If you have an ear for music or an eye for the unusual, why not come and see (and hear) for yourself. There are many organs, some with pipes reaching to the rafters, fairground organs, reed organs, barrel organs, player organs & the gigantic cafe organ. There is a mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ, built & originally installed by the Rudolf Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. in the Stilwell Theatre, Brooklyn, New York. It was later shipped to England & installed in the Luxury Theatre, London. Street pianos produce their charactistic sound & pianolas bring back to life the music of bygone days. Smaller insturments are in abundance - musical boxes, polyphons and organettes charm the listener with their bright, tuneful music. The museum is open Sundays in Jun, Jul, Aug & Sept, 2.30-5.30pm with conducted tours.

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