Carters Teapot Pottery

Have you ever wondered how collectable teapots are made? You will find the answer at Carters Teapot Pottery in the beautiful village of Debenham, set deep in the Suffolk countryside.
A visit to this unique pottery will show you these world renown teapots being made and painted by hand. And after watching our expert crafts people at work, you can browse around our pottery shop, where you can be sure to find the teapot of your choice.
From the viewing area you can watch the highly skilled staff take the teapots from the moulds, paint them and place them in one of the 5 kilns.
Our teapots are not only sold throughout the UK, but over 70% of the pottery's production is exported worldwide. As a courtesy to our many overseas customers, we fly their country's flag on the day we are making their teapots.
Complete your visit with tea or coffee served in our new conservatory. It will come as no surprise to find tea served from a Carters teapot.
As you will see they are practical as well as collectable.

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